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Now you know what registration is, the benefits it offers you, and what you need to do to apply, watch our video to help you complete your application.

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Once you have registered an account, you can sign in at any time to fill in and complete your application. If you already have an account, you can sign in here.


Information regarding our online application system

We are currently improving the Common Application Process (CAP), as part of a large project and will be transitioning to a new system. The new CAP system will be launched on 1st November 2019.

This will mean that anyone with applications that are currently in the CAP system will need to complete their application by the end of the day on 15th September 2019. Our existing CAP system will therefore close for applicants from 16th September 2019. Any applicants that wish to apply via the CAP during the period of 16th September 2019 to the launch date of the new system on the 1st November 2019 will be advised to complete their competency report offline in the interim period. This will mean that applicants can still collate and prepare their application but won’t be able to submit it until the new system is launched.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact our Senior Registration Officer, Hayley McNeil –